Award-Winning Pierogies

Our commitment at Perla Pierogies is to keep the original recipes that were passed down through the generations without compromising quality and taste. Our pierogies are always prepared the old-world way: hand-crafted and made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients.


Pierogies are filled dumplings of Eastern European origin. Traditionally, they are filled with potatoes and cheese. Other varieties include potato and onion,  and sauerkraut. We are proud to offer these along with other notable fillings such as: potato cheddar, potato with sauerkraut, potato with cottage, potato with cheddar and jalapeno. Check back often for special seasonal flavors.

We also carry sweet pierogies, filled with fruit. With savory options and sweet varieties, we have a pierogi to satisfy any palette.

We are also proud to be one of the few places that offer vegan pierogies.


We are often asked what sets our pierogies apart. We believe our secret ingredient is the process; all of our pierogies are hand-crafted using only the finest ingredients.

The dough is rolled thin in our large rolling machine. This ensures a consistently delicate thickness and texture. Once the dough is ready, it is carefully rolled out and cut into perfect circles. Any excess dough is pulled away to be pressed again and used for additional pierogies.

We then portion the filling into the dough and skillfully fold and pinch each pierogi by hand.

The last step involves boiling the pierogies until they are fully cooked. Once they are ready, they are lightly oiled and trayed for cooling. Each pierogi is then hand-packed for delivery.


During the summer months, you may spot us at various farmer's markets and festivals, but in addition to our store location in Parma, be sure to pick up some of our pierogies available at these retailers:

  • Whole Foods market
  • heinen's fine foods
  • chuppa's Marketplace
  • K & k Portage market
  • european specialty food mart
  • market district supermarkets

Wholesale Opportunities

Our goal is to provide delicious, hand-made pierogies to people of all ethnicities and backgrounds, and we are always looking to partner with grocery stores, restaurants, and other various local businesses in this pursuit. If you’re interested in carrying our award-winning pierogies, please contact us for a complete list of our current offerings.

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